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Atherstone: 01827 717884

Smokeless Coal

Our smokeless coal is easy to light, burns cleanly and
provides long-lasting controllable heat

Smokeless Coal

Maxiflame Plus

A low sulphur, low ash, high heat output and easy to light multi-purpose fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Offering outstanding value for money as an approved smokeless briquette. 

Ready to Burn Cert. no MSF0112



Briteflame is a high quality UK manufactured Defra Authorised Smokeless Briquette, ideal as a much cleaner and more efficient fuel than the soon to be prohibited Housecoal Trebles for burning on open fires. This medium sized fuel burns up to 25% hotter, yet produces up to 80% less smoke than Housecoal Treble, produces an attractive flame and is easy to light.

Ready to Burn Cert. no MSF0169


Taybrite is a multi-purpose, premium quality smokeless fuel, which works equally effectively in room heaters, boilers and multi-fuel stoves and offers fantastic value for money.

Taybrite is easy to light, burns cleanly and provides a long-lasting controllable heat, burning at a steady heat for long periods – even overnight.

Ready to Burn Cert. no MSF0063

  • Economical - High heat value and relatively low cost.
  • Clean - A compact, hard fuel.
  • Slow burning - A consistent, steady heat over a long time
  • Environmentally friendlier - Low CO2 emissions.
  • Suitable For - Roomheaters, boilers and multi-fuel stoves


Phurnacite smokeless fuel is a hard, compact and slow burning smokeless fuel for cookers, stoves and room heaters..

The hard, clean Phurnacite briquette with its unique double groove, gives long lasting, consistent, controllable heat. It out-performs many other briquetted fuels and burns slowly, and if you bank the fuel, Phurnacite will burn steadily (slumber) for over 18 hours in the right conditions.

Ready to Burn Cert. no MSF0106

Phurnacite Smokeless fuel is:

  • Efficient - Excellent heat delivery at high output.
  • Clean - A compact, hard fuel that leaves dense ash.
  • Slow Burning - Outstanding slumbering times.
  • Environmentally-Friendlier - Low CO² emissions.
  • Smokeless - suitable for use in smoke control areas

Please note that if you wish your fuel to be left in bags, rather than tipped into a bunker or coal shed, then please ask for pre-packed fuel in 25KG sacks, and not the 50KG open sacks.

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